We Provides qualified service engineers for a Service center and corporate companies

Univercell Mobile responded adequately to the demand of qualified mobile phone technicians from India and provides the qualified and committed smart phone service engineers around the World.

Univercell Mobile provides technician not only to individuals or firm but for manufacturers and Multi-National Companies to fill their requirements in higher level repair factory.

Future of Mobile Phone Repairing Industry

Career as a Mobile Phone Repair Technician

Before choosing a career, every student should check if the future in that field is good or not. The same thing applies for a career in mobile phone repairing. You should opt and choose to be a mobile phone / smartphone repairing technician only if the future of mobile phone repairing industry is bright and rewarding.

Many students who do not like to study or drop out of school or college want to learn mobile phone repairing and become a professional technician. They join a mobile repairing course which is generally a short-term course in their localities and then start their profession in mobile phone repairing by either doing a job or business in the field.

Current Job Openings

Advantages of Choosing a Career in Mobile Repairing

  • No educational or technical background is required.
  • It is very easy to learn mobile repairing.
  • The training period is very short.
  • The courses offering this training are not expensive.
  • Earning income in this field is very good.

Along with above mentioned advantages in mobile phone repairing industry, if you see deeply, the chances of failure are very less. Almost every student passes in the exam of mobile repairing course and gets a certificate as it is very easy.

We provide courses and training that make you successful.

Our unique approach will make you confident, fluent, knowledgeable and successful. We will be your success partner.
Univercell Mobile is Pioneer in providing training courses of Mobile Phone, Laptop, Desktop repair. And also Pondicherry’s oldest and most trusted Mobile Phone, Laptop, Desktop Repair Center.

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